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DePro Se (Selenium Yeast)

short description:

High Quality Selenium Yeast for Animal Feed

Product Detail

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DePro Se

Selenium Yeast


Main Component


Moisture≤ Crude Ash

Crude Protein≥

DePro Se

Selenium Yeast





Appearance: Faint yellow to yellow powder or granule
Density (g/ml): 0.55-0.65
Particle Size Range: 0.85mm pass rate 90%
Pb≤ 5mg/kg

DePro Se is inactivated yeast enriched with selenium product containing the essential trace element Se in highly bioavailable organic form.

Application Instructions for DePro Se


Recommended dosage (g/MT)



Growing & Finishing Pig


Pregnant & Lactation Sow






Lactating Cow


Dry-period cow




Beef Cattle

/Mutton Sheep


Aquatic animal


Packing: 25kg/bag
Shelf Life: 2 years


Function for DePro Se:

1. As the active center of antioxidant enzymes in the body, selenium directly participates in the antioxidant process in the body, reduces the oxidative damage of the body, and improves the ability to resist disease and stress; Reduce dripping loss, improve meat quality and color, and extend shelf life;

2. Stimulate the maturation of B lymphocytes secreting anti infective factors IgA, IgG, IgM in animal body, improve the anti infective ability of the body, and reduce the occurrence of inflammation;

3. Promote the release of the reproductive hormones estradiol and progesterone in female animals, so as to improve the reproductive capacity of female animals, increase the vitality and fertility of sperm, and improve the reproductive capacity of breeding animals.

4. Activate the tumor suppressor gene p53, which can induce abnormal cells to "commit suicide", prevent the formation of tumors or prevent the proliferation of tumors, so as to achieve the purpose of cancer prevention and anti-cancer;

5. It can be combined with toxic and harmful metal ions (such as heavy metals) in the body and then discharged out of the body to eliminate toxins


Product features

1. Use the enzymolysis wall breaking process to open the yeast cell wall to fully release selenomethionine, small peptide and amino acid in the yeast nucleus, and improve the selenium absorption rate of the yeast;

2. The enrichment ability of selenium and methionine in the nucleus was improved by using European yeast strain with high enrichment ability. The content of inorganic selenium was less than 0.4% of total selenium;

3. According to the growth characteristics of yeast, the selenium methionine content in the total organic selenium content accounts for 85% by adopting the stage feeding process, which improves the utilization rate of yeast selenium;

4. Through enzymolysis and elution process, the heavy metals and inorganic ions of yeast selenium are lower than those of ordinary yeast selenium, thus improving the biological safety of yeast selenium.

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