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DePro RE (Rare Earth Chitosamine Chelate)

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Ultra Rare Earth (cerium&lanthanum) Chitosamine Chelate for Animal Feed

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DePro RE

Rare Earth (Cerium & Lanthanum) Chitosamine Chelate

Main Component






Cerium & Lanthanum Chitosamine Chelate






Zinc Methionine


Appearance: Grey white powder


1. Inhibit harmful intestinal flora and repair damaged intestinal mucosa
2. Promote animal growth, increase feed intake and daily gain
3. Improve the activity of trypsin and lipase, and improve the activity of immune cells
4. Enhance the digestion ability of animals, remove harmful free radicals in animals, and enhance the immunity of livestock and poultry


Cerium in rare earth minerals has strong affinity with phospholipids in bacterial cell membrane. After the combination of the two minerals, the cell membrane collapses and the substances in the membrane flow out; At the same time, it binds with the phosphoryl group in the bacterial RNA to inhibit its nuclease activity, thus inhibiting the growth and reproduction of bacteria
Cerium can also effectively inhibit the degranulation of mast cells, limit the release of histamine from mast cells and basophils, and promote wound healing by regulating calmodulin
Lanthanum can increase the activity of NK cells, T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes, and stimulate the production of immunoglobulin. Improve the body's ability to synthesize IgG, IgM and other antibodies. Inhibit lipid peroxidation, improve immune function and disease resistance
Rare earth lanthanum ions can effectively replace the calcium ions in the active center of trypsinogen, and more effectively promote the transformation of trypsinogen into trypsin. At the same time, it promotes the activity of Na+-K+-ATP on the cell membrane and improves the transmembrane absorption of nutrients

Application Instructions


Packing: 25kg/bag
Shelf Life: 24 months

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