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DeGly Ca (Calcium Glycinate)

short description:

Optimum Calcium Glycinate Chelate for Animal Calcium Supplementation

Product Detail

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Calcium Glycinate line


Main Component


Amino Acid≥

Moisture≤ Crude Ash

Crude Protein≥

DeGly Ca

Calcium Glycinate






Appearance: White powder
Density (g/ml): 0.9-1.0
Particle Size Range: 0.6mm pass rate 95%
Pb≤ 10mg/kg


1. Rapidly supplement Ca for aquatic animals, especially to meet the needs of crustacean molting growth
2. Sprinkling DeGly Ca before fertilization at the pond mouth can improve the total hardness of water, supplement Ca for algae and promote fertilizer water
3. Increase the total alkalinity of water and enhance the buffer ability of water


1. High stability: avoid insoluble substances that are difficult to absorb with anions (phytate, oxalate) in the digestive tract, reduce the impact of pH changes in aquaculture water on metal ions in water, and avoid loss of vitamins in feed
2. Fast absorption: small molecular amino acids are complexed with calcium, and the molecular weight is small, which can be directly absorbed through the absorption channel of amino acids, saving the physical energy required for digestion and absorption
3. Good water solubility: more easily absorbed by algae and microorganisms in the water body, providing amino acid nitrogen source for bacteria and algae, and promoting the balance of bacteria and algae
4. High safety: stricter hygiene indicators and low heavy metal content
5. Good fluidity: the particles are uniform and easy to stir and mix

Application Instructions

1.For the production of aquatic feed, it is recommended to add 2-10 kg per ton of formula feed according to the needs of different kinds of aquatic animals (pay attention to the Ca and P ratio)
2.Add 2-4g per kilogram of shrimp and crab feed
3.Add 1,000-2,000g per ton of compound feed for pets, and use it with inorganic calcium
4.When pets have symptoms related to calcium deficiency, mix feeding 1-2g/day if the body weight less than or equal to 10kg; mix feeding 2-4g/day if the body weight greater than or equal to 10kg

Packing: 25kg/bag
Shelf Life: 24 months

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