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About Us


About Debon

Founded in 2004, Debon has been focusing on meeting the precise nutritional needs of animals and plants as well as R&D and application of innovative low-addition solutions for OTM nearly 2 decades. Today, Debon has developed into an innovative and intelligent manufacturing model enterprise in OTM and we are committed to promoting the social responsibility of using OTM to replace ITM in the feed, breeding and planting industries. Debon effectively improves the utilization rate of mineral resources, achieves the development goal of carbon emission reduction, and conforms to the development trend of eco environmental protection, the reduction of addition and increase of efficiency.
Debon OTM——make agricultural products better quality and human being healthier.

Technology And R&D

Debon R&D Center has been focusing on the innovation and application of OTM for 18 years, with strong independent R&D strength, and has participated in the development of a number of national industry standards in China, the research and development results have been highly recognized by the industry and customers. The established "Debon OTM Research Institute" consists of 7 technical centers for pig, poultry, aquatic livestock, ruminant, plants, chemical industry and testing. The R&D team consists of more than 30 people, divided into 6 technical lines of pig, poultry, aquatic livestock, ruminant, plant, and organic synthesis, and carry out the technical services by product and species. While organizing applied research, we have carried out in-depth basic research on OTM, including: "Absorption Mechanism and Action Mechanism of Organic Trace Elements", "Absorption and Utilization of Raw Material Background Trace Elements", "Biological Potency of Different Molar Ratios and Different Ligands", "Biological Titers of Common OTM and ITM", "Precision Organic Micronutrients" and other topics.


Products And Customers

Relying on advanced intelligent factories and strong independent research and development strength, Debon manufactures and markets almost all types of animal feed OTM, including glycine chelate, methionine chelate, amino acid chelate, hydroxymethionine chelate, compound organic trace minerals, organic rare earth elements, water-soluble organic trace minerals, organic coated trace minerals and other products, and accept the customization of specified ligands and mineral elements to fully meet customer needs. Debon aims to be an" intelligent enterprise in the whole industry chain of animal and plant nutritional additives", focuses on the research and application of precise trace element nutrition, creates" OTM low-level addition solutions", to provide customers with customized, efficiency-enhancing and cost-reducing solutions. The featured product Devaila (metal amino acid chelate) line has entered the CCTV2 channel of China Central Television, and more than 800 medium and large feed enterprises have substituted ITM with Devaila totally or partially.